Drink Docker® is a revolutionary cup holder inserts, truck or boat drink cup holder that fits
in most existing cup holders and fits a variety of beverage containers.

The Ultimate Cup Holder

The Drink Docker® is the ultimate cup holder console. It allows you to put drinks in your car (and other places) that would never stay in a normal holder; juice boxes and pouches are just the beginning.

Not only does the Drink Docker® firmly secure your beverage, it also absorbs condensation, preventing rings and other sticky substances from forming in your  cup holder inserts. From large to small, the Drink Docker® fits them all!

Drink Docker® Drink Holder Features

-Stabilizes Your Drink, Reduces Tip-Overs
-Absorbs Condensation, Worry Free! No More Puddles or Rings!
-Moves with You - From Home to Office to Auto to Recreation
-Holds a Variety of Drink Containers
-Keeps Cold Drinks Cold and Hot Drinks Hot Longer Using a Unique Feature

Uses for the Drink Docker® Cup Holder

The Drink Docker® isn't just for drinks - its uses are limited only by your imagination. Anything that you've ever needed within arms reach can now be put in your cupholder. Normal everyday items such as cell phones, PDA's, pens, cigarettes, glasses and snack foods can be placed in the Drink Docker® without fear of them falling on the floor of your vehicle.

The Drink Docker® isn't just for vehicles, either. It can easily be used as a stand alone aftermarket cup holder for office and/or home use eliminating the need for coasters, and because it stays with your drink you can set it down anywhere without worrying about puddles and rings.

Needless to say, the Drink Docker is the best cup holder inserts and console insert on the market today. So what are you waiting for, go get yourself a Drink Docker today!

  • Choose any sized Drink Docker for just $9.99!
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