Replacement Truck and Car Cup Holders:
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drink docker customer testimonial
Judy BaileyTravis Co.
This is a great product!!!! Rather than spend $30 on a rubber insert from your vehicles manufacture. Order Drink Dockers instead!!
drink docker customer testimonial
My wife used the two medium Drinkdockers today in her 2006 RAV4 for the first time....she went out to Wawa and returned with two 20 oz coffees.....as she came in the door she just said “Thank you Thank you Thank you”.......to me for getting them for her, I'll pass this along to you for developing them......Thank you! They work great.
drink docker customer testimonial
The Drink Docker is a wonderful product! I own a 1996 Honda Civic, and the cup holders are very shallow. I used the Drink Docker and I'm 100% satisfied. Now, I don't have to worry about spilling my coffee every time I make a turn.
drink docker customer testimonial
My wife and I love the drink docker. We have a 2006 Toyota Rav4 and you probably know those cupholders are way to big to hold anything effectively. So far, we have only used them in the car, but to date they have been perfect for our needs. The medium size ones I ordered are a great fit for our cupholders. I look forward to doing possible business with your company in the future.
drink docker customer testimonial
The DrinkDocker was perfect. We used it on a 2007 Toyota Rav4 that lost it's drink cup insert (apparently an item that is impossible to find a replacement). It fit with a couple of wedges, and is great. Thank you.
drink docker customer testimonial
I bought the drinkdocker for my 2005 PT Cruiser. The cup holders in the cruiser were so shallow that nothing would stay in them when the car was in motion. Drinkdocker was/is the perfect solution!
drink docker customer testimonial
Jamie M.
I bought several Drink Dockers through the internet. Originally I bought them for our vehicles however now I keep one just about everywhere. I have one in my car, one on my desk at work and always put one on my glass at home......I love the Drink Docker because I put my glass in it and don't worry about setting it down anywhere. It's so easy and convenient. I can carry my drink from place to place without a coaster and not worry about were I set it down. It has saved my end tables for sure!
drink docker customer testimonial
I received the package with my drink dockers. I am so glad you suggested the large size for my 2006 Rav4. I LOVE them! I will tell anyone and everyone about these marvelous cup holders. So glad I found your website!! What a difference as I am driving, I don't have to worry about my drink spilling everywhere anymore!!!
drink docker customer testimonial
Nancy F.
Congratulations on a simple, efficient design that has solved one of the problems of having a beverage in a vehicle. I am so pleased with my Drink Dockers. They fit snugly into the vehicle cup holders and hold cans, bottles or cups with equal ease and prevent tipping and spilling. This makes it much easier to keep the interior of the vehicle clean. They also help to maintain drink temperature, both cold and hot, for a longer time.
drink docker customer testimonial
I am acutally not using this in any vehicle at all. I have a sectional couch and the cup holders were too small to accomodate the larger glasses that some of my family like to use while sitting. The drinkdocker now makes it possible to use these larger glasses without having to worry about them tipping over and making a mess.