Replacement Truck and Car Cup Holders: What People Are Saying About the Drink Docker


My mother, Jane, recently purchased your Drink Docker as a gift for me for Christmas. I have just recently had a chance to try it out in my car. It works wonderfully. Instead of having to use one hand to hold my coffee cup steady in the cup holder, I am now able to use both hands for driving =). My drink no longer spills when I accelerate either. I think you have a great product. Good luck with it.



Hi, and THANK YOU for whomever came up with the concept for this marvelous product. We use our large Drink Dockers in the cup holders of our 2006 Toyota Rav, as the holders are much too large to fit even a large size fast food cup or Starbucks Venti coffee cup. The Drink Dockers hold our cups snugly. My husband puts his billfold in them sometimes, and I put my sunglasses in them.

I bought this product for my son’s 1999 Honda Civic. It fits perfectly into the cupholder and he uses it all the time. He really likes the product.

The products holds the drinks well and it is easy to get the drink out of the holder. The only thing he did mention is that the drink sits up high in the cup holder.

This makes larger drinks a bit of an issue. But not a huge problem.

Would definitely buy another of these products.



I have a 2009 Subaru Forester and I must say the Drink Docker made the square, useless cup holders in it better than those in my Acura TL.
Great product!!

Thanks again!!


I like my drink docker - I had searched for a way to keep my coffee from spilling over and this worked! I have a Toyota 2010 Prius. Thank you.


Hi Tim,

Yes, I am totally satisfied with my order. It appears to be the only drink holder on the market that addresses the problem of smaller beverage holders while providing a solution to the "sweating" can or glass. The sizing wedges are a good idea, but not necessary in my case. I've used it with cans, glasses and mugs, and it works just fine. Thanks for a great product.


My wife uses the DDs and loves them. They fit her car perfectly and work well with the large fountain drinks she likes. They are a hit!

-Dave M.


I am loving my Drink Docker! It's the little things in life that sometimes mean the most. My Subaru Forrester, like all Subaru's I've had (I'm brand loyal), are equipped with possibly the worst drink holders around. I had been stuffing napkins in the holder to keep my little Starbucks drink from spilling all over (I get the smallest drink you can get...a short). But even when driving with someone who has a bigger drink, the holder is useless. So I was quite pleased to stumble upon your product. And it works perfectly!It fits perfectly inside the drink holder (I believe I ordered the small one), and it holds my little cup securely. What else is there?

Thank you for asking


After driving my daughter's car (2001 CR-V), I found the cup holders to be very shallow and too wide for most bottles. When my water bottle toppled to the floor, under my feet, at the brake, I was determined to find a solution....for safety and convenience. Your Drink Docker was mentioned on a site which came up in my search. I searched "drink docker" and watched a video on your web site. I hoped it would work as well as the video presented, and ordered two.

THEY ARE PERFECT! Bottles, cans or cups all fit and remain in place while driving or when stopping quickly. Anyone who has this problem of shallow cup holders should try these.




While I usually do not usually write endorsements or reviews, I really DO want to recommend Drink Docker. I bought a 2009 Toyota RAV-4 Sport, which I love, but which has LARGE cup holders in the front (as noted by several of your previous customers). Toyota includes two rubber inserts to adapt for smaller (most!) cups. Within a week of purchasing my new vehicle, one of the Toyota rubber inserts apparently stuck to my cup and fell off in a parking lot. I checked with my Toyota dealer, and the replacement rubber insert (presumably a set of two?) would have cost over $60! Well, after checking the internet, Drink Docker came to the rescue! I followed your advice and ordered two of the large size for the RAV-4. Delivery was prompt and they have worked out great. Your product design is perfect: Drink Docker fits well (with the use of the included spacers), stabilizes the cup and stays in place, and the black fits in with my black interior. And the price was very reasonable. I appreciate it everyday, and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for a great product and service

-A Very Satisfied RAV-4 & Drink Docker Owner!

Hey Tim,

Just gotta say...GREAT PRODUCT! I have a 2006 Toyota 4Runner, and the factory cupholders are a joke! They are HUGE, and they have these arms that swing out to adjust to different sized drinks, but I've yet to find any cup that they hold very well. I've only had the Drink Docker a couple weeks, but already have used it on fast food cups, water bottles (various brands, sizes, etc), and have yet to have anything spill, move around, or even hint at tipping over!

I can't remember what size I ordered, but in my opinion, it's perfect for my 4Runner. Also, I noticed that it came with some pads to adjust make it fit better for different vehicles. That was a great idea, btw, but so far I haven't had to use them in my 4Runner. I still have them just in case, but I don't think they'll be needed down the road.

Thanks for making a great product!



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