Replacement Truck and Car Cup Holders: What People Are Saying About the Drink Docker

I LOVE the Drink Docker! I have a 1996 Honda coupe that has two cup holders in the console. I can't tell you how many times I have lost my drink because I had to stop short or change lanes and my drink would go flying onto the floor. The last time it happened, it tipped into my tote bag and everything in it.bills, money, mail, etc.was soaked. I relayed this story to my niece to give her a good laugh because these things happen to me all the time, and she responded with a picture of the Drink Docker as kind of a joke. I thought it was a great idea and immediately ordered two, a small one for my car and a medium one for my Husband's work truck which is a Chevy Silverado. We are both very pleased with how they fit into the cup holders and how they do exactly what they were designed to do. I did not have to use the additional little pads to balance mine, it fit perfectly. My husband's console is portable and tilts a little so he used the little pads to get a better angle on his drink and the pad worked great for his needs. We also were pleased with the quick turnaround time from order to delivery. The whole process was quick and painless. Thank you for a great product and for great service. We would definitely recommend it.


I bought the drinkdocker for my 2005 PT Cruiser. The cup holders in the cruiser were so shallow that nothing would stay in them when the car was in motion. Drinkdocker was/is the perfect solution!


I absolutely love your product. It fit my 2008 Nissan Titan Crew Cab perfect. The factory drink holders in the center bench seat were way too big. Your Drink Docker has solved a serious problem. I can now put my cup of coffee there, without fear of being burned. I'll definitely recommend your product to my friends. When and if I find a need for another, I'll be back for more.


I received the package with my drink dockers. I am so glad you suggested the large size for my 2006 Rav4. I LOVE them! I will tell anyone and everyone about these marvelous cup holders. So glad I found your website!! What a difference as I am driving, I don't have to worry about my drink spilling everywhere anymore!!!


...To sum it up, I really appreciate you coming up with this product! The cupholders in the RAV4 were a real problem in need of a solution. Your product has made taking my morning coffee with me so much easier, and holding things like a medium-sized soft drink or my Tervis Tumblers were completely impractical without the DrinkDocker! It's made my commute that much better. Thanks.


The drink docker is awesome. it has worked with everything I have tried so far. I was having to remove the original Toyota rubber cup holder inserts for large drinks, and the inserts didn't hold small cups very well. Your design is brilliant as it works for all size drinks and bottles. Thanks for the small cupholder. Your service and concern for your customer's satisfaction is also awesome.


We ordered this for our 2003 Isuzu Ascender (which is just like the GMC Envoy). It had an insert in the cup holder when we purchased the vehicle and the insert kept getting stuck onto whichever cup or bottle you put into the cup holder and evidently it managed to stick to something one day and get thrown away. The Drink Docker fits perfectly into the cup holder and can be used now for drinks instead of coins!!

Thanks! Great Product!!


The small Drink Docker fits great in our '99 Honda Civic. The civic has two cupholders, a small one and a large one, and the small Drink Docker fits snugly in the small cupholder. The cupholders were just about worthless before, but with the Drink Docker they work beautifully.

I use the Docker for a tall coffee mug, which works good, but would work even better if there was a slot cut down into the Docker for the mug handle to sit down into.

Are you the inventor of this product?

Have a great day!


I am acutally not using this in any vehicle at all.

I have a sectional couch and the cup holders were too small to accomodate the larger glasses that some of my family like to use while sitting. The drinkdocker now makes it possible to use these larger glasses without having to worry about them tipping over and making a mess.




I purchased Drink Docker for a 2001 Honda CR-V. The product has done the job as I had hoped. Will probably purchase several more for my boat.




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