Replacement Truck and Car Cup Holders: What People Are Saying About the Drink Docker

I am sorry that I did not answer your last e-mail. Your product is excellent, and you have addressed the problem with fine tuning the fit with the stick on pads. I have even been able to keep my 34oz BubbaKeg coffee mug in place with this, and that is saying something. Great product and I will probably order more for my wifes car and the arm rest in the rear seat arm rest. By the way I found your product on the RAV4 World forum.



Hi Tim:

The Drink Docker is a wonderful product! I own a 1996 Honda Civic, and the cup holders are very shallow. I used the Drink Docker and I'm 100% satisfied. Now, I don't have to worry about spilling my coffee every time I make a turn.


Hi there,

I just bought a 2009 Toyota Venza and it came with one rubber insert that I must have thrown out with a drink. I looked everywhere to replace it and was disappointed by all, but your product saved me. So far, no complaints at all. Love them!


OMG... Tim—We LOVE our Drink Dockers!! The cup holders in our ’06 Honda Ridgeline were trashed and I searched online for something to replace them with…came across the Drink Dockers so decided to take a chance. They couldn’t work more perfectly, quite honestly! While I have not used them for anything else, at this point, I have thought of using them in the cup holder on my beach chair. We are also going to order a set for my daughter and son-in-law… They have an 04(?) Tundra… They haven’t measured their cup holder opening yet to make sure the large fits but will definitely be ordering another set soon!!

The only possible suggestion I might make (which you guys may have already tested out and determined it wasn’t as universal), would be to make the bottom, narrower part a bit deeper/longer (it is probably an inch short of touching the bottom of the cup holder) and the top part a bit shorter (lower profile). Other than that, they are great as they are--- They hold a 32oz styrofoam cup easily and securely... who could want for more !!

Thank you, also, for following up to ask for feedback… Great customer service!! I will recommend your product to our friends and refer them to your site!!




The DrinkDocker was perfect. We used it on a 2007 Toyota Rav4 that lost it's drink cup insert (apparently an item that is impossible to find a replacement). It fit with a couple of wedges, and is great.

Thank you.


Hi Tim,

I did, indeed receive my "Drink Docker" and the other items you offer as well.

My car is a 2005 Impala LS with bucket seats and a console. As I currently commute a rather long way to my office with Florida's high heat and humidity, stopping for that cold drink is very important to me. The "cup holders" molded into the console are just too small for more than a can of soda or a 20oz bottle.

The Drink Docker has solved the problem for me. It fits nicely into the cupholder and allows me to "expand" my soft drink choices (at least as to size!).

This is a great product and thanks for making it available, Tim. I'll surely tell my friends about this one.

-Dr. Bill

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the interest. I have thoroughly enjoyed the product so far.....but I sometimes I still unconsciously grab for my drink when about to make a hard turn or stop suddenly. This I hope will eventually go away as my faith increases.

I am using your product in a 1999 Cadillac Seville STS which has a very poor design in cup holders. So driving for the 4 years I've owned the vehicle I have spilled many a drink in this vehicle while finally finding your product.

Hopefully someday you can find a market in the auto parts stores, they are very lean in his product area, (believe me I looked). Keep up the good work.


Hi Tim,
I ordered the 3.5 inch Drink Dockers for our 2001 Chevrolet Astro, which was missing the two cup holder inserts in front. The Drink Dockers are working out well so far. I did use one of the stick-ons on the side of each Drink Docker to make the fit snugger as it would sometimes come out when I pulled a 20 oz. soda bottle out. I do like being able to use the Dockers for my cell phone, iPod, and/or GPS.


Hi Tim,

We really like them. The vehicle is a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT that we purchased for our son. The cup holders in the front of the vehicle are so ridiculously shallow that nothing would stay put in them. Your product has fixed the problem!! Good luck with these – hope they really take off for you!!


Everything was fine. My wife's Kia took the 2 small Drink Dockers. My Malibu could only use one of the 2 large we bought. However, my daughter's Focus used the other large. In the near future we will be ordering a medium and another large, for the Malibu and the Focus respectively.

All of are cars were bought used and none had the inserts in their drink holders. I checked online and saw that any of the inserts we would purchase would cost more than the drink dockers and wouldn't serve the purpose as well.

Thank you for a great product.



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